Teri Ayoub - Birth, Postpartum, & Bereavement Doula (1)

Almost two decades of experience as a Birth, Postpartum, and Bereavement Doula enable Teri Ayoub to provide unparalleled support in every setting to mothers and their families throughout the childbearing year.

Trained and Certified through DONA International, Teri’s many years of experience span a wide breadth – from serving mothers expecting multiples and same-sex families, to nurturing parents experiencing perinatal loss and high risk or surgical deliveries. Having worked with patients in Neurology and Internal Medicine, Teri is an exceptional patient advocate who serves women in all birth environments, from home to hospital.

With almost 150 births attended, Teri is a wealth of experience and wisdom. You can get in touch with her by phone (301-910-4426) and by email (innerfortitude@aol.com). Teri lives in Lewes and serves women and their families throughout the state of  Delaware (and parts of Maryland, DC, and Virginia).