A practicing midwife for 25 years (and one of the very first to be licensed in Delaware),  Susan is a CPM serving Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia families from her home in Kent County, and caught her 1,000th baby in early Summer of 2017!

Susan began attending births in 1976 and served as both a Doula and EMT until 1990, when she began her midwifery career. Earning her national Certification in 1999, Susan has a long history of serving both Amish and “English” families. She currently serves as a Board Member of Delaware’s State Midwifery Advisory Council, and has worked towards positive midwifery legislation in three different states.

Also a former La Leche League leader and member of the Delaware Midwifery Task Force, Susan says, “Birth is a sacred, individual event and should be as family-centered as possible. My personal philosophy of birth is that I am there as a guide, a trusted friend to help you to create the best birth for you. I want you and your partner to make informed choices before, during, and after the birth. The mother-baby bond should be strong, and I believe babies belong in their mother’s arms. I have the best job ever!”

Susan can be reached by phone (302-359-8850), by email (kindredheartscommunity@gmail.com), and her practice’s Facebook Page, Kindred Hearts Midwifery. They also have a beautiful new website!