Marilee Pinkleton (1)

Marilee has two decades of experience as a midwife and educator, and provides all of her care in the family’s home for her clients throughout DelMarVa! We’re honored to be able to say that Marilee is also the first CPM in history to be licensed in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

In her practice, Heartsong Midwifery, Marilee says she offers “individualized care throughout a woman’s pregnancy during which she is supported and learns about the changes pregnancy creates. My goal is to help mothers create a healthy pregnancy which provides the best opportunity for a healthy baby and birth.

What touches my heart most about midwifery care is the opportunity for a woman to be a full partner in her care. She is intentionally engaged and expected to be a part of the decision-making process. A woman is not told what to do, rather, she participates in discussions about her care, considers the options, and makes choices that are best for her and her baby.

There is a uniqueness to homebirth. For the laboring woman, she can walk around inside and outside of her home, eat and drink as she desires, use her shower or birth pool for labor and birth, and be in any position of her choosing for pushing. I have witnessed laboring women working in the garden, baking muffins and even playing the piano!

Being at home, children can easily flow in and out of the birthing space, family pets can lie nearby and the newly born baby comes right onto her mother’s chest where she doesn’t leave for hours. It is truly a holistic experience. I am honored to serve each and every woman and her family. Celebrating 20 years of service to families, I continue to strive to help families create the birthing experience they desire.”

Marilee  can be reached by email at, by phone (571-606-3890), and through her interactive website, Heartsong Midwifery.