Carrie Keane, MSN, CNM (1)

A graduate of Yale School of Nursing, Carrie Keane is a homebirth-friendly Nurse Midwife with decades of experience in Maternity Care and Gynecology. Carrie has welcomed more than 2,000 babies in her 20-year midwifery career, and even though she isn’t currently taking on any home birth clients of her own, Carrie is an excellent resource for those women and families who are having an out-of-hospital birth experience, but who want or need elements of more clinical care in a medical setting during the childbearing year.

In addition to serving as an Adjunct Midwife in a Dover homebirth practice, Carrie provides full-spectrum prenatal care (including ultrasounds), postpartum care, annual & well-woman care, family planning and contraceptive care, gynecological care, and family and sexual health counseling in a clinical setting. Carrie is an excellent collaborative resource for expecting and homebirth families throughout the State, and we’re certainly proud to have such a respected and supportive Nurse-Midwife as a Member of the LightHouse.

To schedule an appointment with Carrie, contact the Newark or the Dover Planned Parenthood.