Jill Panunto - Birth Doula & Yoga Nidra Meditation Guide (1)

Jill’s work as a doula is about promoting her client’s self- advocacy and informing women of their choices in childbirth. She wants women and their partners to be fully informed of their options and to feel they can communicate effectively with their care providers. Jill believes motherhood is a journey, and that women need to be supported and empowered to trust in themselves and their ability to give birth.

Jill is very knowledgeable about labor, birth, and the childbearing year, and is available to discuss the pros and cons of advice from the medical staff.  She offers educational resources during and after pregnancy, and provides continuous physical and emotional support during pregnancy and labor, and offers postpartum care.

In addition to Jill’s doula experience, she has completed her training for Yoga Nidra meditation instruction, a unique type of yoga specifically focused on pregnant and postpartum mothers. Jill is an ICAN member, a VBAC mother of two, and even though she’s taking a hiatus for the entire 2017 year while she welcomes *twins!* to her family, she’s still available for Fall & Winter 2016 deliveries, and we’re definitely going to keep her around while she enjoys her postpartum year. (A good doula is hard to find!)

Jill lives in New Castle County and serves women in all settings throughout the state. To get in touch with Jill, you can find her at Strength Within Birth Services. Reach out by email (strengthwithinbirth@gmail.com), or by phone (302-753-9693).