Birth in Full Bloom, LLC is a group of five professional and certified doulas! Some of them are also Certified Childbirth Educators, Certified Bereavement Doulas, Postpartum Doulas, Certified Breastfeeding Specialists, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practicing Nurses, and Reiki and Healing Touch Practitioners. It’s every kind of care, all in one group! 

Birth in Full Bloom Doulas have over 50 years of collective birth experience and have attended well over 200 births. They offer comprehensive childbirth education classes, both in-home and in a group setting.  As a wonderful added bonus, if you need help with breastfeeding issues, their certified breastfeeding specialist even does home visits! 

You can reach out to these multi-skilled, highly experienced, full-spectrum Birth Attendants via their website, Birth in Full Bloom, their Facebook Page (Birth in Full Bloom, LLC), and the good, old-fashioned way – by email (BirthInFullBloom@gmail.com), or phone (410-739-1359).